example designs from graphic designer Eric Keller

Eric’s process is a true partnership that starts with insightful listening and strategic questions. His purpose-driven creativity delivers a unique, compelling and stunning solution. What he does isn’t easy, but working with him is.

Alan Kalter, Working Dog Project

The Benefit of Experience

Eric Keller and Jake the Therapy Dog

Are you looking for thoughtful design solutions? Do you need a logo that gets your brand, is easy to understand, and easy to use? Are you looking for an engaging, integrated brand, web and app experience? How about a book cover that really tells your story?

I love working with people to help them meet challenges just like these. With the benefit of experience and continued curiosity, I’ve had the opportunity to help people meet these challenges to: 

  • Develop branding for a groundbreaking business intelligence service
  • Create an engaging museum experience for “curious kids”
  • Promote the understanding of innovative treatments for pain management
  • Add the right touch of whimsy to a logo for a non-profit that uses advances in genomics to breed vapor dogs (the dogs you see at airports, stadiums and arenas—pretty serious work) 

Speaking of dogs—I love them too—especially my good friend Jake, who is a Therapy Dog. These days, when I’m not working, my favorite thing to do is to take Jake to visit hospitals and a Detroit elementary school, where we help kids learn to read. It’s another way for me—and Jake—to help people meet challenges (and keeps Jake pretty busy too).

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